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Welcome, I'm Evan - an adventurer at heart, an endurance athlete by nature, and a content creator by passion.


My immersion into the world of endurance sports almost two decades ago has weaved the lessons that come from those endeavors into my everyday life. This journey has molded my character, and instilled a spirit of tenacity that permeates everything I do, from tackling an epic alpine mountain bike summit to weaving a captivating narrative.

As a content creator, my mission is simple but profound – to breathe life into your stories. My lens captures the unstaged beauty of the great outdoors, my words craft a narrative that tugs at the heartstrings, and I seek to inspire through authentic storytelling.

When I'm not behind the camera or the keyboard, you'll find me feeding my adventure spirit - backpacking through vast alpine routes or strapping a race plate on my bike and tackling an event hosted in a beautiful location. 

Ready for a collaboration that transcends the ordinary? I'd love to connect with you and explore the endless possibilities!

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