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Crafting Stories That Move Mountains

Welcome to my portfolio, a curated collection of my work where strategy meets storytelling. As a content marketer specializing in the adventure sports and outdoor sectors, I understand that great narratives are as essential as great gear. Here, you'll find a diverse range of projects—from photography to writing, and even case studies that demonstrate my ability to craft compelling content that resonate with audiences and elevate brands.


Explore the transformative work I've had the privilege of creating. Use the buttons below to tailor your journey, and discover how I can help your brand climb to new heights.

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Capture the Moment


Words That Work


Data Meets Storytelling

What My Clients Are Saying


Matthew Johnson - Head of Marketing, 29029 Everesting

"Evan has done a terrific job telling a similar story in new, captivating ways over and over. It's impressive how he's able to tease out a new way to describe what makes 29029 special for multiple stories at every single event. His photography has also become instrumental to so many of our communications. We feel lucky to be able to work with Evan!"
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