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Amplifying the Unique Adventure of 29029 Everesting

As a comprehensive content provider for 29029 Everesting, a unique event billed as a challenge to check your soul, I contributed to a marketing strategy that has seen their brand double from three events in 2019 to six events in 2023. Not only did the event calendar double, but upon registration, all of them sold out within hours. My role has included real-time event coverage, crafting stunning visual narratives, and capturing personal participant stories, all feeding into a robust content marketing strategy.

29029 Everesting is not your usual outdoor event. Participants strive to climb the equivalent vertical of Mount Everest within 36 hours, on a private ski hill equipped with lavish amenities. My challenge was to capture the true essence of these grueling yet inspiring events, and convey them in a way that resonated with audiences and prospective participants.


Event Coverage: I provided real-time updates, highlighting the conditions and struggles on the mountain, facilitating easy sharing for the participants, and trust me - if somebody is going through the troubles of spending 36 hours climbing a mountain, they are going to share the recap of how it went!


Event Photography: I captured dramatic, high-quality imagery that not only aided in event coverage but also provided 29029 with a valuable library of visuals for their marketing communications.

From smiles to tears, emotional moments, and big mountain landscapes, the final photo-set provided to 29029 after each event totals well over 1000 photos. Here are just a few highlights.


Participant Stories: Throughout the year, 29029 publishes participant stories. I sit down with story candidates to delve into their journey, their motives, and their experiences, weaving these raw emotions into compelling stories.

The authenticity of these first-person narratives have a strong impact on readers, serving as a powerful piece of ongoing marketing content for 29029.

Want to read some of the emotionally charged narratives I've written for 29029? Click on any of the images below.


My comprehensive content strategy played a significant role in the rapid expansion of 29029 Everesting. With the establishment of a Stories Platform featuring my work, 29029's events now sell out within hours of launching each year. These stories have attracted tens of thousands of views and have been widely shared online, contributing significantly to the brand's visibility and reputation.

Don't just take my word for it:

"Evan has done a terrific job telling a captivating story at every event. It's impressive how he's able to tease out a new, unique way to describe what makes 29029 so special multiple times at every event." - Matthew Johnson, 29029 Head of Marketing

"Evan has become an important extension of 29029's marketing program. His stories about the impact 29029 has had on our participants are some of the best marketing content we have!" - Matt Burrell, 29029 Head of Customer Experience


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