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Writing Portfolio

Welcome to my placeholder of writing examples. I'm in the process of hosting individual writing portfolio pieces here, but in the meantime, you can view some of my highlights directly where they originally appeared by clicking the links below.


Content Marketing Pieces

Crafting Narratives That Sell: Specializing in the creation of compelling content marketing materials, I focus on storytelling that goes beyond the product to resonate with your target audience, turning readers into loyal customers.

Is This The Greatest Mountain Town?

Only Puppy Kickers Hate Ebikes

The 'Are You Riding With MAMILs' Scorecard

Gravel is the New Gold in Clinton, BC

Is This the Most Important Mountain Bike Trail in the World?

Meet Bikepacking's Chill Cousin: Land Rafting

Dawn to Dusk in Three Blind Mice


Building a Community Through Ghost Writing

Seamless Storytelling: Offering ghostwriting services that mirror your unique voice and perspective. Ideal for executives, influencers, or brands seeking to maintain authenticity while effectively communicating their message.

Penny McWilliams - From Fearful to Fierce

Keri Shaw - We're All Fighting Time

Jim Fisher - I Wonder If

Keichun Graves - That Hat Won't Fit

Sarah King - A New Narrative

Amit Pandey - I'm Here For Me, I Won't Stop

James Murphy - When Life Hit Hard, I Hit the Mountain


SEO Optimized Content

Inform and Rank: Balancing educational insight with SEO optimization, I create content that not only educates but also ranks well in search engines. The perfect blend of value and visibility to drive organic traffic and engagement.

How to Choose a Bike Rack

How to Choose the Best Bike Rack for your RV, Motorhome, Fifth-Wheel or Travel Trailer

How to Choose the Best Hitch Mount Bike Rack for your Car, Truck, SUV, or Crossover

How to Choose the Best Roof Mount Bike Rack for Your Vehicle


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